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¡ You will have your menu online totally free !

Register your business
Create your account totally free just with your email and the name of your business.
Load your products
Organize your menu information into categories and all the details of your products to upload.
Share your menu
You can generate a link to share on your social networks or by sharing a simple QR code.

Very easy to use

FreeMenu has simple tools which allow you to have your menu online very quickly and all 100% free.

Add your categories
Each category has a specific name that will organize its products in a practical order in view of its customers.
Add your products
Each product with its name, associated with the category it belongs to, detailed description, sale price and its image (optional).
Share with clients
Once you see all the information on your menu loaded, you can share the link to your customers or by QR code.
Totally free
No need to worry about paying, FreeMenu is a free service in order to support the gastronomic trade.

Your free digital menu

Boost your business sales using a tool that will help you share detailed information about your products.
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